CrossFit Quattro FAQs

Can I start classes straight away?
Yes almost. The quality of our programme and coaches means you can start training in regularly scheduled CrossFit classes after first
completing our 4 week CrossFit New Recruits Course, so you can be sure your CrossFit training will safe and effective. The first 2
weeks of CrossFit New Recruits classes are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45am or 6:30pm and Saturday at 9:00am. After
that new athletes are welcome to train at any session time we offer.

Do I need to be fit to start CrossFit at Quattro? 
No – Quattro is for everyone! You don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit. To get fit, lose weight, and get healthy are why people BECOME
members! All workouts can be modified to fit all fitness levels. The Coaches will assist you in selecting the correct modifications and
exercise progressions to meet your fitness needs.
What age groups is CrossFit at Quattro for?

We have a wide age bracket with athletes raging in age from 17 to 50.

Is it hard?

Yes – Our training isn’t ‘dumbed’ down – its ‘real’ training; that’s why it delivers results for the office worker to the
elite sportsperson. For each person though – it’s as hard as you make it! You can do it!

How long are the classes?
Classes run no longer than 60 minutes.

I haven’t worked out for a long time? I have niggling injuries?
That’s not an issue. As long as you can run, lunge and squat pain free then you can CrossFit! The time to start on the path to achieving
your fitness and health goals is NOW! You will be surprised how much progress you will make in just a month of training. Our coaching
staff are highly skilled with regard injuries and can work with you to customise your training so you can train effectively but also safely.

Is CrossFit at Quattro for females? 
Absolutely…approximately 50% of our members are female…young to old…sporty to mums with bubs…they all love it!

Will I enjoy CrossFit at Quattro?
Hell yes! You find training with us; challenging, motivating, confidence building…and most of all FUN! 
Warning: CrossFit Quattro is addictive!