If you’re ready to challenge yourself and put in the work to get in the best shape of your life, then CrossFit is for you! Here, elements of
gymnastics, weightlifting and athletics are all combined into one program to provide you with inclusive fitness making you fitter faster
and stronger. As long as you can jog, squat and lunge and have a positive attitude then CrossFit is for you.

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The Quattro New Recruit classes are COMPULSORY, unless, you are from another CrossFit affiliate and have three months or more
experience. The reason being is that the CrossFit New Recruit Classes are designed to set you up for success. We have additional
coaches scheduled or these specific classes tend to be less busy which allows for a more personal and dedicated environment with
other individuals like yourself. The movements we preform on these days are simple yet are super challenging and you’ll still get an
awesome workout! For the first two weeks of your membership we ask that you limit your training to these CrossFit + CrossFit New
Recruit Classes (highlighted in yellow on our class schedule). Our New Recruit Classes run between 60-75  minutes so please allow
yourself this much time per session.