David Astley

Owner and Head Coach


Hi everybody my name is Dave (or Coach D!) and I’m the owner and head coach at CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby. I have over 14 years of coaching experience and in that time I have gained results with athletes from all walks of life. It’s now my mission to help ya’ll obtain a fitness lifestyle that you LOVE!
I strive in creating a place for you to go to laugh, play, challenge yourself to grow, compete and kick some ass both mentally and physically!
Also, FYI please don’t think I’m some hopped up, over caffeinated, hyper kid who has been a skinny guy and into exercise all my life. No sir, I’m just as average as the next guy. I’m an FFB (Former Fat Boy) and over the years I have found a system that works.
So go and have a nosey around the site, see what we have to offer and take comfort in knowing that you’ve taken the first step to all sorts of awesomeness.
Yours in strength
Dave (Coach D)

Dave is CrossFit® Level I Trainer (CF-L1) and CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2) Certified.

Ange Rolston

CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby Coach 

 angecoachespicHi everybody my name is Ange and I run the overall operation of CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby.
I discovered CrossFit late 2010 and I have never looked back! After years of training at the gym and participating in group fitness classes I was getting bored and lacking motivation. I was looking for something that was exciting and challenging and then a friend introduced me to the CrossFit way of training, I was hooked!
I love the variety that CrossFit provides and the challenges that are constantly put in front of you whether it be to go faster, lift heavier, improve technique or learn a new skill … you will never beat CrossFit and that’s what I love.
I completed my CrossFit® Level I Trainer (CF-L1) late 2013 and I love being able to guide and assist Quattro members to enable them to become better athletes.
The thing I am most proud of at Quattro is our community. There are no egos and everyone is equally as supportive of each other. I once had a member say to me “Ange I come to Quattro to catch up with my friends … and also train hard”. Quattro changes peoples lives and if you’re curious to see what we’re about I would love to hear from you and welcome you into our little community for a free trial.
x Ange

Ange is CrossFit® Level I Trainer (CF-L1).

Lily aka Princess Lily Unicorn

CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby Mascot

Lily Final
Do not be fooled by my cute looks and pint size stature. I am the mascot of Quattro and the smallest, fastest member of TMF. (TMF aka Team Midget Fury is Quattro’s league of espresso size lady boss athletes.)
I am also a key part of the coaching staff at Quattro. People and exercise are my most favourite things so my primary role at Quattro is to meet and greet every athlete and lead every warm up run we take. I am very approachable and carefree and have no problem licking the top of your water bottle while your not looking or walking off with your athletic tape, gloves or wraps….but I am completely gorgeous and lovable so that makes it ok.
Lots of love.
Coach Lily (Princess Lily Unicorn) xox