Are you stuck in a rut with your fat loss? Are you frustrated with your lack of progress with your CrossFit? If you’re excited to look and feel awesome then you have got to get involved with our IGNITE RX Transformation Challenge.
This program is broken up into three distinct phases.
Phase One: BASE is all about building a strong foundation centered around improving your health, strength and fitness. During this phase we want to fuel your body so you can perform at your very best and in the process get your metabolism pumping!

Phase Two: SHRED is where we take advantage of your fast metabolism and begin tightening the scews on your nutrition to get you lean, fit and fast.
Phase Three: MAINTENANCE is where we take you through a reverse diet. You’ve got the results you were after now let’s learn how to increase our calorie intake and reintergrate junk food and booze back into your nutrition plan while keeping your hard earned results.
Here’s what you need to know:
Most Sundays at 10AM there will be either a one on one nutrition check-in, a group seminar or skill workshop. To help insure you get awesome results this Challenge will involve both one on one and group accountability elements.

COST – $350 ($300 Early Bird Savings) NOTE- Receive $100 money back if you submit an awesome transformation before and after photo that we can use for marketing. T&C’s apply.

PRIZES – $1000 in cash money is up for grabs

DURATION – 14 weeks (it’s long but doesn’t require as much discipline as our regular challenges. Definitely the easiest program I’ve ever done.)
Start- Sunday the 29th July (The first seminar runs from 10am to 2pm so keep this time free)
Finish- Saturday the 3rd November


Quattro members can register by responding with the words “IN” and your account will debited. NOTE please insure you have sufficient funds in your account otherwise you’ll need to pay a penalty fee.
Our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL expires at 11.59pm on Tuesday the 24th of July at which point all entry fees increase by $50. Final registration will be at 11.59pm on Thursday the 26th of July.
Credit Card debits incur a 2.5% surcharge.

All IGNITE participants must have a membership at CrossFit Quattro. To book in your free CrossFit trial to see if Quattro is right for you please click HERE and if you love it and decide to join us we can get you signed up and registered in IGNITE! 

Q. I’m away the first Sunday of the challenge and will miss the seminar, does this matter?
A. Yes it matters. Each Sunday we run a seminar. The first seminar is comprised of the most important information and will run from 1000am to approximately 200pm. Every seminar after the first will start at 1000am and run for an hour.

Q. Will you redo the first seminar at another time.
A. No. There is so much info to impart that I can’t redo seminars when people don’t attend. The same applies to every other seminar we do.

Q. What does my entry fee buy me in this Challenge?
Weekly seminars educating you on all things transformation giving you practical tools to immediately implement to accelerate you results. Weekly one on one nutrition check ins. Fortnightly skin fold testing and measurements. Accountability from the group. An IGNITE manual and food log. And probably the best most complete program you’ll ever experience to build YOUR best body.

Q. Is this low carb? Paleo? Ketogenic? Vegetarian? IIFYM?
A. This is an omnivorous approach to eating where you will weigh the foods you eat. As we progress through the challenge the amount of food you eat will be adjusted so you keep getting results. We eat multiple small meals throughout the day consisting of protein, with some carbs and fats. This will require organization and discipline. If you would rather a nutrition plan where you “wing it” then this is not for you.