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Are you stuck in a rut with your fat loss?  Are you frustrated with your lack of progress?
If you’re fired up by the thought of improving both your body composition and your performance then the IGNITE Transformation
Challenge is for you! IGNITE is an 8 week training and nutrition challenge designed to empower you to take control over your actions.
You will get you fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and it will also get your metabolism cranking in the process!
Every Sunday at 9AM there will be either one on one nutrition check-ins, group seminars or skill workshops. At the end of the Challenge
there will be a compulsory CrossFit competition which will be a tough mental and physical challenge for all abilities. To help insure you
get awesome results this Challenge will involve both one on one and group accountability elements.
COST- $299 ($249 Early Bird Special). Quattro membership is additional and this Challenge is for Quattro members only.
SUMMER CHALLENGE DATES 2018- 7th October/ 9th December
This Challenge is for current CrossFit Quattro members only. To register please enter your details in the form at the bottom of this
page and you will debited with your next scheduled payment. To review membership costs please click HERE. To find out more about
CrossFit and to book your intro please click HERE. Please insure you have sufficient funds in your account when debited otherwise
you’ll be charged a penalty fee. Our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL expires at midnight Friday one week prior to the launch of the Challenge.



Q. I’m away the first weekend, does this matter?
A. Yes it matters. We will be doing our baseline measurements on Saturday and our first seminar on Sunday which is comprised of the
most important information.
Q. Will you redo any of the seminars at another time?
A. No. There is so much info to impart that I can’t redo seminars when people don’t attend but I will email the seminar notes
to everyone.
Q. Can I split my entry fee up into multiple payments?
A. Yes. We will take two 50% payments via direct debit at your next two scheduled payments.
Q. Is the nutrition plan low carb? Paleo? Ketogenic? Vegetarian? IIFYM?
A. This is an omnivorous portion controlled approach to eating. We eat multiple small meals throughout the day consisting of protein,
with some carbs and fats.
Q. After the Challenge commences if I need to pull out can I get my money back?
A. No. I want committed individuals. If you decide to pull out then you forfeit your participation fees.
Q. I want to do the Challenge but I’ll only be here for some of it. Can I get a discount?
A. No. There are also no refunds either.
Q. Do I need to take supplements?
A. No. But they do make the process easier due to their convenience
Q. How hard is this challenge?
A. Your current lifestyle got you to where you are now… You will be expected to completely overhaul your comfy existence. Dramatic
results only happen when you are way outside of your comfort zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.If you have any
questions guys please don’t hesitate to contact us at