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Welcome to CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby



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“The thing that makes me the happiest, is helping people who want to help themselves. Or to quote Quattro’s tag line- Create all sorts of awesomeness.
It was my intention to create something truly special to fulfill this. As an athlete myself I wanted a new home to excel. A place with a real heart and soul. A place where like minded peeps would come to laugh, love, smash workouts, smash life, chew gum kick butt and take names.
New people come in now and they see a group of athletes who care for each other; we laugh, we encourage and we help each other ALWAYS. There are no egos at Quattro only humility, a willingness to help others, respect and understated awesomeness. Moderation has no place here, only a hunger to fulfill dreams, wants and aspirations. If you’re sick of moderation and ready to work your butt off and be apart of something special we’d love to have you.”
Yours in strength,

(Dave Astley- Head Coach)


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What Makes Us The Home of Awesome?

Here’s what a few of our members have to say about us …


“I love the enthusiasm from all the other members it creates such an awesome vibe!”

Matt P – 44, Accountant


“If you want to get ripped with ridiculously awesome people then Quattro is for you!” 

Dani S - 35, Entrepreneur


” The coaches and the crew are what keeps you coming back for more.It doesn’t matter on the level of athlete you are, they know how to get the best from you! I wouldn’t look anywhere else”.

Matt P – 28, FX Dealer

Ange Rolston
” CrossFit has changed my life! After years of being involved in the fitness industry and training alone and in group fitness classes, I was bored! Discovering CrossFit reignited my love of fitness and by being surrounded by such amazing people at CrossFit Quattro it motivates me to want more out of life!”

Ange R - 33

G pic

Gareth W

“I’ve always been an athlete of the endurance variety and never incorporated a lot of strength work into my training.  I’ve done multiple marathon’s, half marathon’s, Ironman’s and half Ironman’s backed by a training regime of running, cycling and swimming – not a barbell, dumbbell, pull-up bar or medicine ball in sight.  Time constraints have meant the triathlon days are long behind me, but I’ve always enjoyed running and classify myself in the 4:35-to-4:45min/km category – Marathon PB: 3hrs 13mins and Half Marathon PB: 1hr 37mins. 
But over the last year I have reduced the running and shifted my training focus to CrossFit at CrossFit Quattro.  Power cleans, snatches, kipping pull-ups, wall walks, squats – I’m thinking this won’t help my running much but I enjoy the variety, marvel at the kilo’s I’ve shed and feel all-round stronger than ever before.  Ignoring my lack of endurance training, I entered the Queenstown Half Marathon with no intention of upping my running mileage – I did do a 16km and 17km run in the weeks leading up just to make sure I wasn’t going to require medical treatment within the first half of the race. 
To say I was stunned at my results is an understatement.  I shaved 11 mins off my PB, crossing the line in 1hr 26mins to finish 17th in a field of around 3,000 – and 2nd in the 40-49yr age group.  That equates to a pace of 4:04mins/km – a pace I last ran …. Never.  I’m not going to preach the virtues of CrossFit — for me the results speak for themselves.  I’m convinced my old regime of many hours on the road would have resulted in the same old times; I’m reminded of that quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.  One thing is for sure, CrossFit is not about doing the ‘same thing over and over again’ – although in my own little world, my time was ‘insane’.
Thanks to you and your team of coaches !!”

 - Gareth W (G)

steph pic

Steph H


“Super glad I found CrossFit Quattro after moving to NZ! An extremely welcoming gym, especially as I was brand new to CrossFit!” 

- Steph H, 29. Teaching Assistant.







Rowan S

“Top notch gym with great coaching in a great location. It’s the people that will keep you coming back though – Quattro has some of the best!” 

- Rowan S



Sheryl T


“My happy place! What a vibe – an incredibly supportive atmosphere right from the very moment I set foot in the gym, excellent programming, and amazing members with whom I’ve become great friends with in such a short space of time. Training at Quattro has undoubtedly done wonders for my confidence and given me the extra edge to handle whatever life throws at me! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me!

 - Dr. Sheryl T, 26. Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for Brain Research. 


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